This is my new Blog Space

I like having some space where I can talk about stuff, and this is it!  First of all, I like to have on record, for the search engines, that a lot of people spell my name wrong and I am going to cite some examples of the way they spell it so that the search engines may still point a baid spallar to my page.

Magy Faris

Maggy Faris

Magie Faris

Magge Faris

Maggi Faris

Maggey Faris

Those are common ways of screwing up my first name.  The correct spelling of my first name is Maggie.  Thank you

Now on to my last name.  I do not have a day off.  It is not Ferris, or Farris, or feris, or faras, or fairis, or farrs.  The correct spelling of my last name is Faris.  Spelled like Paris, the city, except with an ‘F’.

Yes my initials are MF, yes I wish they were BMF.  Thank you.