Zach Coulter – Banana Slicer

  • Maggie Faris

    I have a real question for you zach…

  • Maggie Faris

    Everyday I see a link to the banana slicer video. Its something I have no desire of clicking on. But the last couple of days I’ve noticed you endorsed this video. Do you think its really worth my time of clicking on it and watching it? How long do you think it is? If I click on it do you think there will just put up more shitty suggestions of what I should click on because i clicked on this? I’m just not sure I’m ready to do it. What do you think?

  • Zach Coulter

    Ok, first of all I’m really glad that you came to me with this. That was a really responsible, adult decision and you should be praised for that. Now, to your question, it’s not a video. It’s a set of reviews written on They are hilarious. Seriously hilarious. People should think long and hard before they agree to read them. They need to ask themselves, “do I enjoy hilarious things?” And if the answer is no, they need to move on to the next distraction.

  • Maggie Faris

    hmmm, wow. First of all I appreciate your feedback. It is truly inspiring. I do enjoy hilarious things but sometimes something someone thinks is hilarious to them isn’t necessarily hilarious to me. How will I know if we think similar things are hilarious? I’m just so worried about the risk. If I don’t like it I feel like I will have wasted so much time…

  • Zach Coulter

    And you will have!

    Countless hours…

    Poring over thousands upon thousands of reviews…

  • Maggie Faris

    but maybe I would rater waste time debating if i should click on it rather than actually clicking on it?

  • Zach Coulter

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    That’s just crazy.

    Are you on bath salts?



    Stay cool!

    Have a totally great summer!

  • Maggie Faris

    This is how it teases me…

  • Maggie Faris

    “this is funny”

    Well is it?

  • Zach Coulter


    To me.

    To you?

    Who’s to say?

  • Maggie Faris

    I see that

  • Zach Coulter

    Have you ever thought about purchasing a banana slicer?

  • Maggie Faris

    i fell like I’m fifty-fifty on clicking it. I was only like 25-75 before i talked to you though

  • Zach Coulter

    Whoa! Slow down Maggie! I feel like you’re rushing into this!

  • Maggie Faris

    I know. Let me sleep on it. But I do appreciate you talking me through it.

  • Zach Coulter

    Absolutely, anytime. Here is a website that should be helpful,

    You can also buy a banana slicer on that site, so it’s convenient.

  • Maggie Faris

    Awesome! I’ll go there now!

    Ok, enjoy. There are hundreds of articles there, all the most recent research. You’ll be reading for hours.

    Ha! That’s awesome!

    yeah. But would you endorse it on facebook? is it as awesome as banana slicer?

    I just did.
    Wait, is it not published yet?

    hmmm, oh yes, you did.
    no it is

    Oh, right on. Is that ok?

    I can always ad this part of our conversation

    I dunno. I feel like we really dropped off in the charming/silly department.
    People don’t need to see that.
    They don’t want to see the sad face behind the clown mask.

    This is art dummy!

    I know. That’s why I’m being so emotional about it.

    I feel you friend.

    Art is just the best, ya know?
    I love art so damn hard.

    I don’t know, not as much as banana slicers

    Well, sure. You got me there.

    goodnight! (drops mic)